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the more_ Studio

imac-late2012-11We have heavily invested in our studio, which enables you to benefit from a high level operator availability. In particular, our studio team are all highly conversant with branding, style and product line – guaranteeing brand consistency for you.

Our studio staff have unrivalled expertise in helping you setup your jobs for print. Fast, efficient and free advice comes as standard along with an ISO certified preflight check, so you can be assured that there will be no nasty surprises!

The more_ studio also offer full in-house design support services, if your job is running late on artwork or your regular agency are too busy to for your urgent job, we can help!

Our studio centres around the GHENT PDFX4 (GWG2012) workflow, with all our files ISO certified to the relevant subset. We also offer editing of PDF’s using the latest industry-leading Enfocus® software, so even if you don’t have the source files for your job, we can usually make your last-minute edits for you!

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For more information on the GHENT workflow, please see here.